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Share Post with a Project

As a project member, learn how to share your posts with projects by tagging them.

To share your posts with a project you first need to be a project member. Learn how to become a member (include link to HF).

  1. After filling in a post, tap Save.
  2. The Confirm Project Stewardship window will appear and this is where you choose to tag a project.
  3. Tap on to tag the project. when appears your post will be shared with the project.
  4. Tap Confirm & Save.

You can automatically have the project tagged to your posts. To do this add the project in your default settings (link HF on default tags).

Sharing your posts with projects means you are stewarding your information for that project to use. Project stewarded posts are done by requiring consent from both user and project using project stewardship logic. (HF on PS for users?)

Updated on May 14, 2024

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