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Create an Account

Learn how to create an account on the SIKU app. After you have downloaded the free SIKU app, you need to Create an Account before you can see the SIKU Feed and share your observations on the land.

To provide a safe space for sharing Indigenous Knowledge, you must use your real name.

  1. Open the SIKU app.
  2. Tap Create Account.
  3. Add your Email, First and Last Name and choose a Password or sign in using your Facebook, Google or Apple account.
  4. Read the Terms of Use and tap Accept.
  5. Update your profile by adding a Photo and your Community. (Required)
  6. Enter your Organization. If it has a SIKU profile, a request to join will be sent to the Organization. (Optional)
  7. Add your Background and experience (Optional).
  8. Tap Get Started to begin using SIKU.

If your community has a SIKU profile, setting it here will tag it by default in all posts you make. Your community also determines which dialect is shown for Ice & Snow types and Wildlife species, and personalizes your Home Feed and local Weather information.

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Updated on June 6, 2023

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