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Make an Ice & Snow Post

Learn how to make an Ice Post for the Ice Watch Challenge. SIKU works without an internet connection so you can make posts about ice conditions when you are on the land.

  1. When you are near an area where you want to make an Ice Post, tap Post.
  2. Tap Ice & Snow.
  3. If the ice conditions are dangerous, stay away and select Dangerous Ice.
  4. Add a Photo or Video.
  5. Describe the ice conditions in the Ice & Snow Comment. Or tap Tag Ice & Snow Type(s) and select the term that best describes the conditions you see. If you don’t see your local dialect in the Ice Type(s), please add it to the Ice & Snow Comment.
  6. Make sure your Community is included in the Tags panel.
  7. Tap Save. Because you’re not connected to the Internet while on the land, your post is not yet shared with other people on SIKU.
  8. When you’re back in town and connected to the internet, tap My Posts, and then tap Cloud to Upload your post.

Travel safely, talk to local experts and never approach dangerous ice conditions.

Updated on June 19, 2023

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