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Understanding Project Stewardship

Learn about project stewarded posts, how to make them and how they can be used.

What is Project Stewardship?

Project stewarded posts are posts where the creator has granted a tagged project a license to use the post data. This is done by requiring consent from both user and project using project stewardship logic.

SIKU respects Indigenous knowledge and strives to protect it from misuse while encouraging its mobilization for the benefit of Indigenous self-determination.

It is the responsibility of all project stewards to ensure that they have done their due diligence in terms of signing agreements, obtaining permits/ethics approval or other mechanisms, regulations or laws governing research in their jurisdiction before using any post data. All usage must adhere to the SIKU Terms of Reference.

Project Stewardship Logic

For a post to be stewarded by a project, its’ creator must be a project member at the time of post creation AND the project must be tagged in the post.

Located in the defaults tab of post creation and editing, this post is stewarded by the “SIKU Hunting Stories Pilot Project”.

Abilities of Projects Stewards

Project stewarded posts give project administrators the following abilities from the project post manager (not currently available on the SIKU mobile Apps). Not all abilities are available for every project.

The project post manager can be accessed by clicking the [fa i=”ellipses”] button in your project’s profile action bar.
  1. Export
    Export stewarded posts to a JSON file.
  2. Disassociate
    Remove your projects tag from a stewarded post.
  3. Restore
    Recover stewarded posts that were previously deleted.
  4. Edit Post Data
    Edit stewarded post data fields
  5. Ownership & Sharing
    Edit the Ownership & Sharing fields for stewarded posts
  6. Create:
    Create stewarded posts on behalf of project members.
  7. Delete Post
    Delete stewarded posts

Users may remove tagged project stewards for up to 48 hours after post creation after which only project admins can can remove their project stewardship tag.

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Updated on December 1, 2020

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