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Contribute to Profiles on SIKU

Learn how to add terms in your own language and dialect to Wildlife and Ice & Snow Profiles on SIKU, and provide other comments.

  1. Tap [fa i=”bars”] Explore.
  2. Tap [fa i=”paw”] Wildlife or [fa i=”cubes”] Ice Types.
  3. search or scroll to find the Profile you are looking for and tap it.
  4. Tap [fa i=”comment-plus”] Suggest Dialect.
  5. Add your comment.
  6. Tap the Comment button to post your comment to the Profile.

What knowledge should I contribute?

Share knowledge with your community and other SIKU users by contributing to Ice Types and Wildlife Profiles on SIKU.

  • The name in your own dialect
  • A traditional story
  • How a wildlife species is harvested/processed/used in your community
  • How to identify or safely navigate a type of ice
  • Other Indigenous Knowledge that you think is important to share
Updated on June 15, 2023

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