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SIKU Vocabulary & Diagrams

This article has been created and will be continuously updated in an effort to standardize the language we use in KB articles and accurately describe the various UI (User Interface) on SIKU.

Annotated Diagrams


  • Wildlife Scope
    • A step when making a wildlife post
    • describes if the post is about
      • Individual
      • Group
      • Tracks
      • Family
      • Nest/den
  • Tap Bar
    • Blue bar with 3-5 tabs
    • 1 is always selected
    • Usually present on profiles where there is distinct information that can be divided into concrete categories
    • Common tabs include
      • Feed
      • About
      • People
        • profile of people int he community
      • Photos
        • Not yet functional
        • Will eventually include all photos tagged with the profile.  
  • Title Bar
    • Yellow Horizontal Bar at the top of the Sidebar.
    • Displays title and icon of current view
    • Back button on left side functions in the same way that the web browser back button does. In some cases we have modified its behavior to prevent a user from saving a post, clicking back and then saving a duplicate post.
  • Action Bar
    • Black horizontal bar with contextual buttons/links.
    • Usually appears below the cover/profile photo.
    • Common action include
      • Share
      • Like
      • Comment
      • Edit/Manage
      • Filter Map
      • Join
      • Leave
      • etc…
  • Sidebar
    • The vertical container to the left of the map-view. Outside the map, it is the most important part of SIKU. It can be collapsed/opened by clicking the “[fa i=”chevron-left”] / [fa i=”chevron-right”] Sidebar” button on the map
  • Panel
    • Rounded rectangle container that appears in many part of the UI.
    • Usually has a darker grey header
    • Often collapsable by clicking the Chevron ([fa i=”chevron-down”]) icon in the header
  • Detailed View
    • Show the full post details in the sidebar.
  • Feed item
    • The summary of a post with featured photo(s) that appears in a given feed. Clicking “More Details” loads the Detailed View for that post.
Updated on June 5, 2020

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