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Basemaps & Satellite Imagery Basics

  1. Click the [fa i=”globe-americas”] in the top right corner of the map to open the map source menu.
  2. Click on a menu item to select it. In this example, Sentinel 2 has been selected.
    Click the  [fa i=”info-circle”] button to learn about each source.

    High resolution satellite images may take longer to load on slower internet connections.

  3. Choose the date to display from the date picker [fa i=”calendar-alt” w=”r”] or use the forward [fa i=”chevron-right” w=”r”] and back [fa i=”chevron-left” w=”r”] arrows.
    Satellite source date picker
    SIKU will automatically find the closest imagery to the date you select.

     Learn more about how satellite imagery works on SIKU.

Updated on August 4, 2020

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